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Hungary Guide

Travel Guide Hungary – Information about Hungary

Everything you need to know about Hungary, from travel information to history and culture – a perfect online guide to Hungary.

Szechenyi Chain BridgeSzechenyi Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary

The Hunger for Hungary

Your travel to Europe will be made much more interesting by going to Hungary (or the Republic of Hungary, as it is officially called).

While some people may underestimate this country due to its relatively small size compared to other European nations, an increasing number of travelers are exploring its beauty, making it one of the must-see places in the whole continent.

Hungary’s Location

Situated in the central part of Europe, Hungary is roughly the size of the US state of Indiana. The country is a landlocked one, surrounded by the following countries: Romania, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia and Croatia.

The landlocked feature of Hungary makes it even more accessible for travelers from other countries, who can just travel by land transportation on their way to exploring this great nation.

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